Welcome to Code Vet!

Greetings, Nerd dizzles! I’ve programmed in a lot of languages over the nearly two decades I’ve been in the software engineering field. Better than half that time I’ve spent in various framework iterations of ASP.NET, C#, and SQL Server. Most of what I’ve done has been “old school.” In other words, building n-tier applications using object-oriented programming and ADO.NET. I’ve been doing that for so long, I guess I’ve become somewhat of a curmudgeon about it, at least if you compare what me to these young, new hotshot developers just coming out of school and building their own startups.

With Microsoft’s announcement of the release of .NET Core, an obvious move to not only embrace the OSS community while cutting down on the bloat that isn’t really needed in the modern web development space, I decided to (grudgingly) explore the .NET Core in greater detail, and my journey of discovery as I learn to build applications differently using this offering.

It then occurred to me there are a lot of curmudgeons just like me who are muttering under their collective breaths: “We got to learn yet ANOTHER framework?” The truth is, not really. So my promise: I’m going to explore the .NET Core release from the ground up, and blog through the mystery. Along the way, we’ll make discoveries together on how best to utilize the framework to build all kinds of cool apps. By the end, I will hopefully have learned as much about it as you have.

Occasionally, because reading and writing science fiction is another passion, I may post a review of an SF book I enjoyed or share excerpts of my projects. Just to break of the monotony. But the focus will be .NET Core and I will attempt to post at least two topics a week! So stay tuned and welcome to Code Vet!